mask blank making machine
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Face mask making machine

Performance and characteristics: 
1. The machine can produce 1-4 layers of non-woven body masks. Specifications can be adjusted. It can produce 125-180 mm long and 80-110 mm wide masks. The thickness of the masks can be adjusted within a certain range. The length of the nostril line can be adjusted arbitrarily. Under the condition of replacing the mould, it can produce non-standard masks of arbitrary length. It can produce single and double nostrils. 
2. The mask piece is output by conveyor belt, the speed is adjustable, the piece is orderly, the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient and the production efficiency is high. 
3. All-aluminium profile machine is neat and beautiful, no welding, no spray paint. Man-machine interface touch screen control, built-in time, total output, daily output, set the number of automatic alarm and shutdown, digital keys to adjust the chip speed. 
4. The motor adopts the motor imported from Taiwan. The magnetic wheel reducer has braking function, and the noise is very low. 
5. The mask is formed by ultrasonic welding, which has superior performance and high-speed flaking. 




2kw(220V 3 PHASE 50HZ) 


180-210 pcs/min

Machine weight

800 kg 

Machine size


Feeding rack size


Conveyor size


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